I don’t go to the Bridgewater Mall often…maybe once a year. I live in Warren County and it’s a good 30 minute ride from my house. But today my wife asked me to take a ride with her. It was almost lunch hour so I thought, why not…maybe I can get something to eat. I got in the chow line at the Japanese food stand and the Baja B Que sign caught my eye.

What you should know is I’m a bbq snob. I love good bbq. I despise people that make food and call it bbq, when in reality it’s shoe leather. When I want good bbq, I go to Hard 8 in Dallas…that’s my kind of bbq.

I’ve never had good bbq in NJ…until today. I had your brisket, pulled chicken (with your smoked bbq sauce) and your corn bread. I have to say, it’s real authentic bbq. I’m impressed…and happy. Happy enough to write an email to say thank you.

I look forward to bringing my friends and family to the Grub Hut. Yes, it’s a 45 minute drive…but it’a closer then Hard 8. Oh, I think I’ll be doing a lot more “shopping” at the Bridgewater Mall too.

Thanks again,